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Jan 10, 2013 4:00am EST
heavy drinking. so when republicans threaten to block susan rice, and now that they're threatening to block chuck hagel, and now that they are scoffing at even the prospect of jack lew at treasury, there are two options for understanding what republicans are doing here. they are either just making noise to convince their base that they still exist, and the beltway is dutifully reporting it as if it matters, but it doesn't. all those nominations are going to be or would have been fine, or the other option is that republicans really are going to try to set an absolutely historically unprecedented bar against the president nominating his chosen cabinet in a way that has never happened before in u.s. history. they will block, say, a nominee for treasury secretary because mitch mcconnell once felt irked in his presence. if that is really what they are planning, keep in mind that the republicans' mandate for doing this is something that they think derives from an election that the president just won by a lot and which their party lost seats in both the house and the senate. so it's eithe
Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
ambassador to the united nation, susan rice. susan rice is a long-time friend and ally of the president whose name was floated very early on as a favorite for secretary of state. ultimately, though, before anybody was nominated for the position, the white house sort of backed down from the prospect of nominating her. they allowed her to take her name out of the running when republicans attacked her for the grave, grave crime of saying something wrong on sunday morning talk shows. something that by the way turned out to be mostly correct. but never mind, they criticized her anyway, and the white house did not back her up in the face of that criticism, and her name was removed from consideration. now, faced with another high profile nominee who has attracted loud republican nomination, this time it appears the white house is not backing down. this time president obama has officially nominated chuck hagel to be secretary of defense as of today. interestingly, another potential nominee for a big high profile national security job for this white house who president obama reportedly initially
Jan 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
susan rice with her potentially going to state. i cannot figure it out with jack lew. do you have any sense of what their substantive beef with him is? >> besides the fact that he seems to have some association with this obama guy? >> been seen with him. >> right. that's half. i think what it is, the indications that i've seen are they see he is too good of a negotiator. they felt he was too shrewd of a negotiator. he was handling negotiations. he was in there in all the negotiations for the debt ceiling showdown in 2011. john boehner did not like him. >> john boehner said he had a hard time getting to yes. he couldn't persuade jack lew to tell him what he wanted. >> he knows the federal budget. he can do the calculations faster than anybody. i can just imagine what some of these sessions must have been like with him in there. and when you removed him from the room, yeah, i imagine boehner felt he had a lot more latitude at that point. but of course anything that emerged from the room obama is going to run by him anyway. i think he really frustrated whether it was boehner or mcconnell
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)